Sunday, June 14, 2009

Premium Blogger Templates- Celeb on Web

At first, thanks to all of you by appreciate and comment on Celeb On  Web template, in fact, I’m really happy reading  your comments

Today, i’ll share this template to all who love it.

Celeb on web is the Wordpress Themes designed by and converted by Blogger Online….Celeb On Web is design as the Gallery web template with the following features…..


- Gallery style Premium Blogger Templates

-Navigation Bar Menu

-Search Form

-Sign in to Blogger Hack

-Highly customizable

-All browsers Supported

-Embedded Comment Form

-Favicon Celeb

-Blogger Pager Hack

-Rating Hack

-Unique Design

-SEO friendly Design

-Emoticons Yahoo Hack

-More ….

How to Setup Page Navigation: (update)

Step 1 : Log in to your blogger account and navigate to Layout section. Now go to the edit HTML subtab.need to expand widgets

Step 2 : Now search for this code or related in your template

and Replace with your Blog link

-Step 3: Search for this code:


and replace with your Blog ID

-Step4: In the code  you can edit the lines in red to your wish .

1 : pager_max_main = 9;

The digit in red represents number of posts to be shown in single page. Change the digit to show as many pages you want.

for example :

In my blog I have put that value as 9 . In each page you can see only 9 posts .

2 : var pager_num_of_button = 13;

here the digit in red represents number of pages to be listed.

For example :

In my blog I have chosen 13 , then 13 pages will be shown.


for whom use template pls let me know your blog link that you apply this template

I hope you’ll like this template

because I spend 2 nights long for converting this template to blogger and sharing for you now, so when you use this template pls show link back to blogger online. Pls don’t use for commercial purpose…Thanks very much. If you get any question about celeb on the web, don’t hesitate to post it here. I’ll try to reply all your question




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