Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PassionDuo Blue Blogger Template

The Passion Duo template has been originally designed by Daily Blog Tips and converted to blogger by eBlog Templates, who has recently pissed me off by asking its users to register. But I managed to get all these templates from other sites, I am pretty sure hes gonna loose some users with his latest move.
PassionDuo Blue Template
The PassionDuo template is available in three different colors, Blue, Red and Green, apart from that its a very neat template with equal amount of partitions between every segment.

Now lets dissect the blog template bit by bit, starting off with the big bold header title, on the top left with the description under it, which has place only for one short sentence. The right holds enough space for a leader board ad, this position is suppose to be a very good converter actually.
PassionDuo Red Template
Under that is the navigational menu that runs in a strip under the header of the blog, which has a css hover assigned to it. On the far right of this template there is a RSS feed button. Theres another leader board space allocated under the header and above the blogs main column. The sidebar hosts ads on the top left, now this blog is for serious money makers.

I really recommend you cut off the sidebar ads, as the blog really look like it has more ads than content. It comes filled up with different widgets the search bar is very neatly done as well, its just a little box with instructions in it.
PassionDuo Green Template
The headline of the post is striking to say the least, extra large as compared to the size of the post font. The post author, labels and comments all find its place under the headline which leaves the end of the post empty. This is what gives the blog an extra feel of neatness. You can download all the three colors from below.

Download the PassionDuo Blue Blogger Template

demo download

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Download the PassionDuo Red Blogger Template


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Download the PassionDuo Green Blogger Template




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