Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Four Column 02 Template

Am glad to have another good four column template on the blog, searching for them is rather difficult but Gosu Blogger just gave us a new one.

The O2 2.0 is originally a three column blogger template but now we have an additional column added to it on the left hand side.

The rest of this template remains the same except the fact that the post date has been removed by Gosu because of an error in the template but that doesn't stop it from being a gorgeous template.

There is just one little issue with the template, in Opera the extreme right hand sidebar header sticks out of the body, it does not look like an error actually it kind of looks quite neat, like an additional feature.

The dominant colours of this template are white and blue, and has a lot of sections even when it was in the three column version. Now you have another full section to add more functions to your blog.




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