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MagaZine template 3 | Free Template

Real Magazine style blogger template

The Magazine Template 3 has completely adopted magazine style template. At the front page, you will find three columns, but if you click the title of one post, there will be two columns, please try to prove!

Header ads banner ready ( 468 X 60 ads banner )

You can easily place banner ads with size of 468 X 60 pixels into right-side header column, because the header of magazine template 3 created into 2 columns.


Fulldown Navigation

The Navigation used has adopted the fulldown navigation system so that your blog will look more professional.


Admin’s comment in different background (Admin’s comment highlighting)

There is a different background color between Admin’s comment and Visitor’s comment; the admin’s comment will be highlighted so that it will look more interesting on condition that the admin must log in to his or her blogger account.

Clean Template

Magazine template 3 is clean, neat and orderly, you can prove it yourself.

  • Type: Blogger Layout (XML)
  • Column Type: 3 columns template
  • Color template default: Dark Green
  • Template width: 1000 pixels
  • Download File: 11KB
  • Tested at browsers: Inter Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0.7, Opera 9.63, Navigator, Flock 1.2.3, Safari 3.1.2
Term of Service
By downloading and using our blogger templates, you agree to the following terms:
  1. Magazine template 3 is free to download.
  2. You may NOT resell all our templates to other persons or companies without our permission.
  3. You may NOT place the template on another site for others to download. Please link to our site to download our template.
  4. You may modify our template.
  5. You may use the template for personal or commercial blog.
  6. You may NOT delete the credits link to our site.
The installation guides and all about magazine template 3 will be discussed at next post, so do not forget to come back here at our website or you can subscribe via RSS Feed to get direct entry to your email.



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