Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blogger Template: BIZMAX

This day I would like to introduce BIZMAX blogger template.

Original from WP THEME

Author and Designer
Designer : Jinsona Design
URL : www.Web2feel.com
Date : 21 March 2009

Blogger XML coded / Converter
Converter : Cahaya Biru
URL : http://www.cahayabiru.com
Date : 25 March 2009

Features of the template:
1. Premium theme layout.
2. Multi-level dropdown javascript navigation menu.
3. Featured sliding posts.
4. Site wide customizable 125 x 125 custom banner ads.
5. Adsense Three adsense units on any given page on the theme.
  • On the header ( 468x 60)
  • Along with the post ( 468x 60)
  • On sidebar ( 300 x 250)
6. Tabbed content area * Featured Video * Flash tag cloud * Popular Posts
7. Two widgetized sidebars
8. Optional Currency rate widget


1. Change The BIZMAX Header
The Header is using two images, dollar picture and BIZMAX text. To change those, please read the steps below:
  • Go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- (No need to expand widget)
find this image address:


This is for BIZMAX words.

  • after that, find this image address:


and this is for dollar image.

2. Change the Tab Navigation Title:
  • Go to LAYOUT -- EDIT HTML -- (No need to Expand widget)
find (CTRL+F) this :

<li class='pop'><a href='#video'> RECENT</a></li>

  • Below that code you will see like this:

<li class='pop'><a href='#video'> RECENT</a></li>
<li class='fea'><a href='#tags'> LABEL</a></li>
<li class='rec'><a href=' #popular'> Video </a></li>

  • After that, You can Change the word RECENT, LABEL, and VIDEO with your own words.

  • Save your template.



  • Monday, June 15, 2009

    Blogger Templates- StudioPress Radom Color style

    Blogger Templates- StudioPress Radom Color style

    .. apply to your blog. With a change of style sheet the entire look ...


    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    AllBlogTools.com Gallery Blogger Template

    AllBlogTools.com Gallery Blogger Template

    my first blogger template.
    i’m very happy to present it for all my visitors. free to download.
    it’s a gallery blogger template, 2 columns, with right sidebar, the index / main page with 4 columns,
    top web2 navigation menu,
    web2 search box ready.
    3 column footer.
    blogger read more hack ready.
    Magazine gallery blogger template.
    here is some instructions to use it.

    to make your pages looks perfect you have to
    - add the image at the very top of your posts.
    - set the image dimensions to be width: 170px height: 215px

    thats it, if you need any help please don’t hesitate to leave a comment here


    Vintage Style - Blogger Template

    Vintage Style - Blogger Template

    Theme Name: Vintage Style
    Theme URI: http://www.templatepanic.com/article/vintage-style-wordpress-theme
    Description: Vintage Style theme for Wordpress, features 2 columns layout and vintage color options.
    Author: Searchopedia
    Author URI: http://www.searchopedia.org/


    Aerodrome - Blogger Template

    Theme Name: Aerodrome
    Theme URI: http://thebuckmaker.com/aerodrome
    Description: Beautiful light and professional designed, ad ready WordPress theme by TheBuckmaker.com. Custom background image menu by Aaron Edwards. Ready for WordPress 2.7
    Author: Joe Fischler
    Author URI: http://thebuckmaker.com
    Tags: blue, green, light, three-columns, fixed-width, theme-options, threaded-comments
    Version: 1.0.3


    Asian Sexy Blogger Templates


    Sexy asian is a teplates beautiful blog
    embryo with colors look very professional
    I’ve lost 2 nights to designed.I hope you enjoy it.
    Give us your opinions by voting and comment.Thanks
    sorry for My Bad english



    Blogger Templates: ProBlogger Template

    Blogger Templates: ProBlogger Template

    The ProBlogger Template is an extremely flexible template based on The Professional Template. It has multiple columns that are flexible - it can either be a 3, 5, 6, or 8 column template without you having to do any coding. The basic color is white, but you can easily change all the colors and fonts without doing any coding. And you can change the header image to anything you want without any coding too.



    5 Column Template for Blogspot Blogger

    5 Column Template for Blogspot Blogger

    First of all save a back up of your existing template and the widget data. You may find it help full to read the instruction page for changing template and How to back up.

    When you are done. Download this xml file which is archived as a rar file. Save it in your computer. Extract the xml file from the archive. And finally upload your new 5 column template. One thing more, if you are using this template, leave the URL in the comment section. I may put that link here (may be!).



    Premium Blogger Templates- Celeb on Web

    At first, thanks to all of you by appreciate and comment on Celeb On  Web template, in fact, I’m really happy reading  your comments

    Today, i’ll share this template to all who love it.

    Celeb on web is the Wordpress Themes designed by Celebonweb.com and converted by Blogger Online….Celeb On Web is design as the Gallery web template with the following features…..


    - Gallery style Premium Blogger Templates

    -Navigation Bar Menu

    -Search Form

    -Sign in to Blogger Hack

    -Highly customizable

    -All browsers Supported

    -Embedded Comment Form

    -Favicon Celeb

    -Blogger Pager Hack

    -Rating Hack

    -Unique Design

    -SEO friendly Design

    -Emoticons Yahoo Hack

    -More ….

    How to Setup Page Navigation: (update)

    Step 1 : Log in to your blogger account and navigate to Layout section. Now go to the edit HTML subtab.need to expand widgets

    Step 2 : Now search for this code or related in your template


    and Replace with your Blog link

    -Step 3: Search for this code:


    and replace with your Blog ID

    -Step4: In the code  you can edit the lines in red to your wish .

    1 : pager_max_main = 9;

    The digit in red represents number of posts to be shown in single page. Change the digit to show as many pages you want.

    for example :

    In my blog I have put that value as 9 . In each page you can see only 9 posts .

    2 : var pager_num_of_button = 13;

    here the digit in red represents number of pages to be listed.

    For example :

    In my blog I have chosen 13 , then 13 pages will be shown.


    for whom use template pls let me know your blog link that you apply this template

    I hope you’ll like this template

    because I spend 2 nights long for converting this template to blogger and sharing for you now, so when you use this template pls show link back to blogger online. Pls don’t use for commercial purpose…Thanks very much. If you get any question about celeb on the web, don’t hesitate to post it here. I’ll try to reply all your question