Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogger Templates: Photoblog III

This free Blogger template photoblog webdesign is based on the Blogger page color theme. Check out these other photoblog templates.

The template image is captured from a 1024 pixels wide screen. This template has 3 'sidebar' columns below the post column. The post column is wide without any other columns next to it. This style is especially great if you want to build a photo blog with lots of large photos and images. Click here to learn how to post large photos and images in your blog.

After reading the 'post large photo' instructions, we recommend that the width you use for this photoblog is 680px, ie, use the code below to post your large photos:
<img src="http://PhotoURL" width="680px" />

The height will adjust accordingly to keep the original image aspect ratio.

  • The "Read more..." function is available to shorten posts.
  • Almost all colors and fonts are easy to customize.
  • Blog Posts Edit buttons are fully functional.
  • Flexible number of sidebars.
  • Menubar below the header for easy navigation.
  • Header image can be easily changed.
  • Tested ok in all browsers using
Important: Change your template without loosing any sidebar widgets.
Help links: template installation guides and instructions.

Header Image

To put the header image in your blog, click on the image below to open up a larger size and save it into your computer. Then, upload the image using the Layout > Page Elements > Header Edit tab. If you want to use your own image for the header, the image width has to be 728 pixels (with any height).

demo download


Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogger Template | Revolution Music Modified

Template Information
Type: Blogspot Template
Name: Revolution Music Modified
Instruction: ndyteens
Added: May 26rd, 2009
Properties: 3 column, white, Fixed width, Right Sidebar, Blue

demo download


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Corporate WordPress Theme to Blogger Template

Latest version: 1.0
Release date: 2/20/09
Tags: two-columns, fixed-width, sidebar-widgets, threaded-comments
Color styles: Blue, Gray
Widget-ready: Yes
Compatible up to: WP 2.8

Benefits include the Corporate theme, unlimited theme support answered by our experts, customization techniques with our detailed theme tutorials and professional design services available by our list of recommended designers.

demo download


Red Revolution Crunch Wordpress Theme

In this Template is at the home post is show only title, when read more... it show in the full post.
3 Columns Blogger Revolution Church Free Theme
Blogger template by bloganol. Feature includes :: 3 Columns, Elegant, Fixed width, Magazine, Right sidebar, Web 2.0, White, Adaptation of Wordpress, Black